We produce a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages using craft distillation techniques. We never use synthetic ingredients in any of our products: no artificial flavors, dyes, or sweeteners. All of our spirits and sodas are made using only the highest quality natural herbs and botanicals.





After fermenting a high quality sugar mash we distill our Dark Sky gin using a traditional pot still to retain as many of the original flavors from the mash as possible. To finish our gin, we vapor infuse the distillate with local botanicals sourced from only the finest producers.


Dark Sky gin has a smooth mouthfeel and medium body. Built on a backbone of California juniper, Dark Sky gin evokes the desert at night. Primary flavors include wild licorice, caraway, and coriander.



We produce our Black Hole vodka with a simple organic cane sugar mash that we think lends itself to an especially clean and crisp spirit. Our organic Black Hole Vodka received a silver medal in the 2021 American Distilling Institute craft spirits competition.


Our Black Hole vodka tastes like its name: a gaping void. Ethereal, and distilled from simple sugars, Black Hole vodka is incredibly smooth, light bodied, and evaporates on the tongue. Like drinking a vacuum, Black Hole vodka makes a fantastic mixer when you want other, more subtle flavors in your cocktail to shine, or whenever you’re in the mood for a weightless beverage.



Lost Horse Whiskey is named after the now famous gold mine in Joshua Tree National Park. A story of serendipitous good fortune inspires the whiskey blend sourced from some of the highest quality American casks. We carefully choose a proprietary blend of mash bills and ages to create this supremely approachable all-American blended whiskey.


Lost Horse Whiskey starts with a warm sweet pallet followed by a delicate spice that's rounded out by a rich nutty body. At 40% A.B.V., Lost Horse Whiskey is immensely enjoyable neat and also mixes well into classic whiskey cocktails. 


Bubble Tree Sparkling Water

We distill original mixtures of citrus, herbs, woods, and spices, to create botanical concentrates that we add to carbonated water to create craft distilled non-alcoholic seltzers.