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Join to get guaranteed access to ultra-limited run whiskies and agave spirits in member-exclusive bottles four times per year.


Members save 21%–82% over shelf prices. 

Joshua Tree Distilling Company's Craft Member Club is available to residents of the following states:
CA, AZ, AK, RI, D.C.

Paid Quarterly†


per quarter

Paid Annually


per year

What You Get

  • Ultra-limited run whiskies or aged agave spirit bottles delivered to you door four times per year.

  • One FREE mainline* spirit of your choosing.

  • One member-exclusive engraved Glencairn®.

  • 10% discount on all distillery purchases.

  • Automatic enrollment in our loyalty points program**

  • Free shipping on every Craft Member Club shipment.


Previous Deliveries

June, 2023


Distiller's Reserve High-Rye Bourbon

MSRP $170


When we first discovered this barrel, we were immediately captivated by its balanced and dynamic flavor. The natural sweetness of the corn bourbon mash has pulled the best characteristics from the expertly charred new American oak. Rich and nutty toffee with smooth caramel has imbued this spirit with a robust maturity. The rye-heavy mashbill adds a magnificent contrast, exposing drinkers to a concert of flavors that seamlessly dance between sweet, savory, and spicy. The end result is an unquestionably bright spirit—something we more typically associate with a young barrel—but in an unmistakably mature presentation. The depth and complexity of this barrel truly needs to be tasted to be appreciated. 


We have one of these barrels to share with the world, and each bottle is poured from the one barrel, persevering all the uniqueness present in the cask. Bottles will be available for a limited time only. 

Upcoming Deliveries

September, 2023


Distiller's Reserve American Single Malt

American Single Malts are having a moment, and we were lucky enough to get our hands on these exceptional barrels. These barrels have been a staple in our flagship Lost Horse Whiskey, and candidly, were always our favorite part of the blend. Now, with a few more years of aging, we’re excited to offer them as a stand-alone offering. This is exactly what you want in a single-malt — dark, nutty, and just a little leathery. At 5 years old, there’s been plenty of time for the volatiles present in the original distillation to dissipate and for the new American oak barrels to work their magic, perfectly balancing the malted barley with rich notes of oak and toffee. In the end, you’re left with an unmistakably rich and smooth all-American spirit. 


There are only two barrels left from this original lot and we’re thrilled to be offering them on their own. Each bottle is poured from only one barrel, persevering all the uniqueness present in the casks. They will be available for a very limited time.


Craft Member Club Details

Each Craft Member Club bottle is curated by Joshua Tree Distilling Company from our selection of small-batch aged whiskies and agave spirits. Bottles in our Craft Member Club have guaranteed retail prices ​of at least $140+. Bottles are shipped in the last two weeks of every quarter. Must be 21+ to subscribe. 21+ signature required to receive deliveries.

*Mainline products = Lost Horse Whiskey, Black Hole Vodka, Giant Rock Gin

**10 Loyalty points earned for every $1.00 spent in our tasting room. Every 1,000 loyalty points are redeemable for a $1.00 credit in our tasting room.

†Quarterly payments are charged when spirits ship. All subscriptions are for one-year, i.e. four shipments. Annual payments are charged once per membership-year.

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