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Image of Lost Horse Whiskey bottle.

How do you make your whiskey?

We built relationships with established distilleries in Indiana and Kentucky to craft an approachable and well-balanced American whiskey. Our goal was to create something that would shine in traditional whiskey cocktails, like the Manhattan or whiskey sour, and also be smooth and balanced enough to drink straight out of the bottle around the campfire. We sampled dozens of mash bills from across the US and tested hundreds of blends before approving our final Lost Horse Whiskey recipe.  We blend, process, bottle and label every Lost Horse Whiskey bottle by hand in our distillery just outside Joshua Tree National Park in the California desert. Ingredients: reverse osmosis water, ethanol distilled from corn, malted barley, and rye, aged in oak.

Image of Black Hole Vodka bottle.

How do you make your vodka?

We partner with an organic distillery in Colombia to create our incredibly smooth organic vodka. We chose to work with this company because of the unrivaled quality of their base spirit and their unparalleled commitment to environmental and social sustainability. While we explored making our vodka from mash in California, it became clear that there was no sustainable and scalable way for us to do so. By working with partners in South America, we’re able to offer an exceptional product here in our beautiful desert, and also support sustainable agriculture, natural water resources, and good paying jobs in an area that immensely benefits from those operations. After we import this organic base spirit, we apply proprietary filtration methods and re-distillation to enhance the quality and smoothness even further, before proofing the product down to 40% ABV. All of our Black Hole Vodka is processed and bottled by hand at our distillery outside Joshua Tree National Park. Every bottle of Black Hole Vodka is intrinsically gluten-free and 100% organic. Ingredients: reverse osmosis water, ethanol distilled from organic cane sugar. 

Image of Giant Rock Gin bottle.

How do you make your gin?

We make our Giant Rock Gin with the same base spirit as our gold-medal winning Black Hole Vodka. During a second distillation, hot alcohol vapors pass through our gin basket containing a botanical mixture that imparts its flavor into our final product. This process is called vapor infusion. Although we are surrounded by beautiful juniper trees and other botanicals here in the Mojave Desert, there is no ethical, scalable way for us to locally collect our botanicals. We source the botanicals for our Giant Rock Gin from international wholesalers who import them from around the world. Ingredients: reverse osmosis water, ethanol distilled from organic cane sugar, natural botanicals.

Image of agave plant

Do you offer any other products?

We have recently partnered with a large agave farmer in Southern California and are developing agave spirits from these plants. We hope to offer these plant-to-bottle spirits in early 2023. 

1 percent for the planet member logo

Do you support any charitable causes?

Our brand is built on the natural beauty and quality of our public lands. We strive to craft products that live up to the expectational standards set by these natural wonders. As such, we are members of 1% for the Planet, which is a global organization that exists to ensure our planet and future generations thrive. As members, we’ve committed to donating 1% of our total annual revenue to e 1% for the Planet® approved environmental non-profits. 1% of all Lost Horse Whiskey and Giant Rock Gin sales are donated to the Joshua Tree National Park Association to help support the ongoing operation and preservation of Joshua Tree National Park. 

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