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Local Craft Cocktails on Draft

Let us take care of making great cocktails so you can focus on enjoying them. 

Reserve your keg through our online shopping cart and pick it up as soon as the next day. Keep your keg for up to five days and enjoy our house-made craft cocktails on tap from the comfort of your home, event, or campsite. Return the keg to our tasting room when the party's over. It's that simple!

Quick Info​

  • One-gallon keg serves 21 standard drinks.

  • 5-day rental.

  • Pickup & Return at our tasting room during regular hours. 

  • Supplied with extra CO2 so you can pour every last drop.

  • Meticulously washed and sanitized so you can enjoy nothing but fresh craft spirits on draft.

  • Kegs easily fit in refrigerators and coolers.


  • Recommended maximum time spent at room temperature = 8 hours.  

Cocktail Menu

Giant Rock Gin Tom Collins

Like every classic Tom Collins, ours is made with gin, lemon juice, sugar, and sparkling water. However, our unique Giant Rock Gin takes this classic cocktail to new dimensions by perfectly balancing the sparkling lemon acidity with our rich and earthy 100% organic gin. The result is a refined sparkling lemon cocktail that tastes deceptively complex. 

Ingredients: Sparkling Water, Giant Rock Gin, Organic Cane Sugar, Lemon Juice, Spices. 

Giant Rock Gin & Tonic

We painstakingly crafted an original tonic syrup from raw Cinchona bark to create a world-glass gin and tonic. The combination of our craft tonic syrup and our award-winning Giant Rock Gin produces what we consider to be among the best gin and tonics ever made. 

Ingredients: Sparkling Water, Giant Rock Gin, Organic Cane Sugar, Quinine Tincture, Spices.

Black Hole Vodka Tonic

Made with our award-winning 100% organic & gluten-free Black Hole Vodka plus our house-made tonic syrup and a splash of sparkling water. We think this is just about the best vodka tonic you'll ever have.

Ingredients:  SparklingWater, Black Hole Vodka, Organic Cane Sugar, Quinine Tincture, Spices. 

Black Hole Vodka Lemonade

Made with our incredibly smooth 100% organic and gluten-free Black Hole Vodka, we think this tastes more like lemonade than any mixed drink you've had before. The vodka is almost undetectable, allowing you to enjoy the fresh—and not too sweet—lemon juice that we've expertly mixed with just the right amount of organic cane sugar and some secret spices. 

Ingredients: Sparkling Water, Black Hole Vodka, Organic Cane Sugar, Lemon Juice, Spices. 

Lost Horse Whiskey Desert Derby

Our Desert Derby is a rendition of the better-known Brown Derby, made famous by the eponymous restaurants—shaped like large brown hats—that operated in Los Angeles from 1926 until 1987. Our Desert Derby replaces simple syrup for desert agave nectar, and of course, uses our award-winning Lost Horse Whiskey.  

Ingredients: Grapefruit Juice, Lost Horse Whiskey, Lemon Juice, Organic Cane Sugar, Spices.

Lost Horse Whiskey Sour

Expertly made with our award-winning Lost Horse Whiskey, fresh lemon juice, and 100% organic cane sugar, this is a connoisseur's whiskey sour. 

Ingredients: Lost Horse Whiskey, Lemon Juice, Organic Cane Sugar, Spices.

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